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Hotels in Rutherglen, Victoria

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Star Hotel

Star Hotel Barkley was named Rutherglen in October 1860 after the Scottish birthplace of John Wallace, who set up the Star Hotel. The Star Hotel was the first major establishment in the town and one of an original 12 Hotels in the area....

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105 Main St Rutherglen VIC 3685

02 6032 9625

(The Vic)

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel Established in 1868 it is a heritage listed building. * A range of accommodation to suit different budgets * Dining When choosing your accommodation in the Rutherglen wine region be sure to choose the Victoria Hotel. The hotel...

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90 Main St
Victoria 3685

02 6032 8610


Poachers Paradise Hotel Motel

Poachers Paradise Hotel Motel Built in 1860 as the Golden Ball. Renamed the Rutherglen Hoptel in 1863 and also operated as a booking office for coaches bound for Melbourne and other destinations in the area. The two-storey section at the front...

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HOTEL:120 Main Street,
MOTEL: 97 Murray Street
Victoria, 3685

02 6032 9502
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Former Cumberland Hotel

Former Cumberland Hotel

Former Cumberland Hotel Built in 1888, delicensed in 1960. The Shamrock restaurant commenced in 1985. Now a private residence.

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121 Main St
Victoria 3685

Information on Rutherglen, 3685

The Big Wine Bottle that is the water tower on Tower Hill in Rutherglen

Photo 24/05/2009 submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Victorias premier wine region, Australias oldest, and a popular tourism destination. Established in the 1850's

"Sydney may have a nice harbour, but Rutherglen has a Great Port! " is the caption you face upon entering the Rutherglen Township, a town renowned for its fortified wines, particularly Muscats. The town is full of fine wineries, but there are some notable Pubs too.

High on the outskirts of town, there is a water tower in the shape of a Wine Bottle. As depicted on the wall of the bottle, the Water Tower was first built in 1900. With the arrival of the reservoir nearby, the bottle, with its water tank built in at the top, became a secondary water supply in an emergency, but has since been relieved of that duty.

In 1969, the Wine Festival Committee constructed the 18cwt steel mesh 'bottle' top as an iconic replica of a wine bottle to promote the annual wine festival in the area, and is seen from miles around.

Anybody with some creative thoughts on how to raise the some funding to keep this great icon in good shape would do well to contact the Rutherglen Wine Region Tourism group at the Wine Experience - where the Information Centre is located at the Eastern end of the main street of the town (The roundabout). The town is presently keen to refurbish the Bottle, but may entail some hefty expenses in the order of $150,000 to sort out some construction issues. Now, you can't let an icon like this vanish....... can you!"


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