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Star Hotel in Rutherglen

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Star Hotel

Star Hotel

Barkley was named Rutherglen in October 1860 after the Scottish birthplace of John Wallace, who set up the Star Hotel.

The Star Hotel was the first major establishment in the town and one of an original 12 Hotels in the area.

The Pub the town was named in. The story goes that Mr John Wallace who built the Star was asked by a patron... "Shout the bar, and we'll name the town Rutherglen after your birthplace in Scotland".

  • Eastern palace Restaurant
  • Motel Units


Star Hotel Motel

Photo 13/12/2008
Photo submitted by Glenn Ryan, Many Thanks

[street view]
105 Main St Rutherglen VIC 3685
02 6032 9625

Star Hotel Motel

Photo 28/10/2009
Photo Gday Pubs

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