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Pubobilia (Pub Memorabilia)

Thanks for visiting these galleries. You are helping our quest to get the word "Pubobilia" into the Macquarie dictionary.

We suggest the meaning should be listed as "Noun. Memorabilia found in a Pub. A aid used by locals to encourage donations from visitors. A good reason for a Publican to spin a yarn. Quirky displays unique to Aussie Pubs. derived - Gday Pubs"

We reckon it deserves a listing because memorabilia brings back memories but you firstly have to see it, and all the great Australian memorabilia is found in Pubs. So "Pubobilia" it is. The Aussie treasures that adorn Pub Walls.

So if it has ever cost you a beer to find out what "iitywybmad" means, or "its obviously a bloody dog carrier" was the answer to a question that you asked, then you will enjoy the offerings from our Publicans. Got some Pubobilia yourself to share? Please let us know

Mt Pleasant Hotel, Gympie Qld

Wood Cutters

This Picture is to Pubobilia as Chloe is to Bar Nudes. Probably one in 10 Pubs has this Picture of the wood Cutters somewhere. It is just a classic photo that captures the times. We chose this particular one because we reckon the sunnies (added by the Lads at the Bar) show just how cool these blokes really are.

Phoenix Hotel, Gympie Qld

The Flying Horses

The most famous of all racing photos. Or perhaps as famous as the four way dead heat photo. This photo caught all 7 Horses with all hoofs in the air at the same time. It was a Caulfield Race circa 1957, Co-incidently this race was won by "Gold Streak" and the Phoenix Hotel was named after the Phoenix number 2 gold mine. One of three that run about 100 metres under the Pub

Pioneer Hotel, Linville Qld

Lots of good Pubobilia at the Pioneer including this version of a well known poem

Kin Kin Pub, Qld

The Kin Kin is looking for Staff.

Royal Hotel, Murgon Qld

Royal Fire

Save the Beer!!!!
The Pub was destroyed while the beer was saved in the fire of 1928.
The Pub was later Rebuilt.

Imperial Hotel, Eumundi Qld

Penny Farthing

The Pub that became known as the Eumundi Lager Brewery has stacks of good Pubobilia on the walls.

Royal Mail Hotel, Tewantin, Qld

First Motor Boat Travel

1909. This is a photo of the first ever motor boat on the Noosa River. Fine looking craft.

Royal Mail Hotel, Tewantin Qld

Cobb and Co 1894

This is the stage service that gave the Pub its name. "The Royal Mail" was a name generally given to Pubs that were established as staging posts for Cobb and Co. This photo taken in front of the Royal Mail Tewantin as it was then,

Brushgrove Hotel, NSW

Husband Tamer

Not so keen on that for an idea.
Also a couple of the classic pub acronyms on the right hand side. Email us a beer and we will
tell you what they mean.

Imperial Hotel, Eumundi Qld

Drum Skin

The Beatles bass drum skin was brought out onto the Bar
for the week after George Harrison died

Chinderah Tavern NSW

Have a KB Lads

That is the old Chinderah Hotel in the background and Tooths KB was the drink of choice during WW2.

The Chinderah Tavern has replaced the old Hotel

Billinudgel Hotel (Billi Pub) NSW

Mar Ring

Mar Ring was publican at Billinudgel untill the age of 101 and is Australias' oldest ever Publican and probably the oldest in the world. This oil painting hangs over the Public Bar. She taught Bob Hawke how to pull a beer, and was awarded an M.B.E. for community service.

For more about the life of this remarkable visit the Pub page and select the Mar Ring Feature Page

Royal Hotel Bungendore NSW

The Bungendore Ghost

Here he is. The famous Bungendore ghost. This shot was taken in the Royal Hotel, Bungendore by a journo in 1949 for a local newspaper feature. Photo is on display with other old Pubobilia including some documents from 1880 found when the old fireplace was renovated

Royal Hotel Bungendore NSW

The Bungendore Ghost Pic 2

Grand O'l Crow Hotel, Crowsnest, Qld

Bundy Mural

Brilliant wall mural from this excellent country Pub.
This is what the Bundy Bear really gets up to. Unbearable.

Grand O'l Crow Hotel, Crowsnest, Qld

Infact they so keen on the rum, if you want to share one the the bear himself, that's him standing in the corner

Fitzroy Hotel, Nanango, Queensland


This creepy little dude watches over the bar from his saddle at the Fitzy in Nanango. Fair Dinkum, his eyes follow you around the room.

Steam Packet Hotel, Nelligen, NSW

The Dog Carrier

There are a few versions of these in Pubs around the country. This is a fine example. To give you a hint as to how the dog is secured in, the dogs nose goes throught the loop near the arrow. Ingenious device really.

Commercial Hotel, Nanango, Queensland

Some sort of bike

The Commercial has a great collection of Titanic Pubobilia including newspaper clippings, models and photo's in the Titanic Restaurant.... Where a meal always goes down well. As you can see some good
Irish Pubobilia as well.

Commercial Hotel, Nanango, Queensland


Photo from the Commercials' Titanic themed dining room.
A very good cruise to miss.

Commercial Hotel, Nanango, Queensland

The Irish Bar wheelbarrow.

Which is obviously what you would find in an Irish bar.

Cooee Hotel, St Georges Basin NSW

Nice one.

Caught using an amazingly light line.

Bushranger Hotel,Collector, NSW

Gold Rush Mortar

Was used to grind up rocks with a large pestle in order to be able to extract the gold dust.
Also a great collection of old muskets and other pubobilia at the Bushie. Photo's at their site.

From the Grand Hotel, Wooroolin Queensland


The regulars at the Grand made this for one of the blokes who was having a little trouble with his aim

From the Grand Hotel, Wooroolin Queensland

The Grand Hotel Snake

Made from Leanna, this bloke covers the side wall

Grand Hotel, Goomeri Queensland

Hands free drinking

A different slant on the theme. 4 cans and a tap. Genius

Larrimah Hotel

The Pink Panther and Big Stubby. Pub also has the highest Bar in the NT

Photo Dominik Giezma. Many Thanks

Larrimah Hotel

NT Dunny Paper Enlarge to read about its special qualities. Looks about 40 grade. Ouch.

Photo Dominik Giezma. Many Thanks

Rum Jungle Rec Club, Batchelor, Northern Territory

Classic Beer Sign

Nothing like those faded hand painted signs.

Photo Glenn Ryan, Many Thanks

Rum Jungle Rec Club, Batchelor, Northern Territory

Classic Beer Sign

Pretty hard to get a Swan Gold 'reduced calorie beer' these days!

Photo Glenn Ryan, Many Thanks

Hero of Waterloo Hotel, Pyrmont, New South Wales

Depiction of Hero of Waterloo around 1900. Pyrmont Sydney.

A painting by Gary Bell

Broadway Hotel Kingaroy Poem

The perfect Publican
A poem by Publican Bruce which sums up pretty well the lot of the Publican.

Thanks Bruce.

From Golden Grain Hotel, Pinaroo, SA

As presented to Jon Graham by the Hotel in 1991. Of interest to original Westend drinkers.

Many thanks Jon

Peeramon Hotel Queensland

Snakes made from thousands of ring-puls.

Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Daly Waters Pub, Northern Territory

Australia's most remote traffic lights

Photo 29 Mar 2008
Photo submitted by Glenn Ryan, Many Thanks

Wauchope Hotel, Northern Territory

Classic Aussie bush humour at the front of the Wauchope Hotel.

Photo 30/01/2008 submitted by Glen Ryan. Many Thanks