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The Surveyor General at Berrima claims the title of Australia's oldest continuously licensed Inn. Established 1834.
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Letter Boxes

[Aussie Letter Boxes]

The great Australian letterbox. It's an art form. A sense of humour. A statement. A way of making sure the Postie recognises your digs if he is not having a great day.

"The mailman, if he's extra tired, would pass them in his sleep,
It's safest to address the note to 'Care of Conroy's sheep',
For five and twenty thousand head can scarcely go astray,
You write to 'Care of Conroy's sheep along the Castlereagh'."

A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson,
"The Travelling Post Office"
The Bulletin, 10 March 1894

Looking to have a letterbox masterpiece of your own made?

The Bare Footed Welder Metal Art

Artist: Michael Dudley
Burdekin based scrap metal artist
Phone: 0431 580 989

Facebook Link
Instagram: mickyd11metalfx


SE Qld
Got to put a smile on your dial if you are
expecting a letter from the Bank

The Piranah Letterbox

Elleker WA.
Must be very tempting to hook
this one up to a remote control

The Piranah Letterbox


Fridge Letterbox

The Nullarbor
Maybe the Postie also delivers the beer

Day of the Triffids
meets Australia Post

Near Albany WA.
A classic example of post-modernism horticultural letterboxery

Pigs may indeed....

Bendalong Road NSW
Cheques in the mail, along with other classics.
Great use for a beer Keg


Rainforest Hideaway B&B in Cape Tribulation
This mailbox was unfortunately washed away in a big wet in 2002
Photo by Rob Lapaer of Rainforest Hideaway B&B, Cape Tribulation, N.Qld.
Submitted by and courtesy of


Photo by Rob Lapaer of Rainforest Hideaway B&B, Cape Tribulation, N.Qld.
Apparently the sign says, "Shove the mail up the cassowary's ass. (Junk mail up your own!)"
Submitted by and courtesy of

Good for mail in the wet....

Photo by Rob Lapaer of Rainforest Hideaway B&B, Cape Tribulation, N.Qld.
This bit of creativity is located on the Cape Tribulation road just north of the ferry.
Submitted by and courtesy of

Flying Pig Letterbox - QLD

One of our Queensland Enthusiasts was so inspired by the various letterboxes here she sought the services of Metal Artist Michael Dudley from The Bare Footed Welder in Ayr to come up with her own creation.

Submitted by and courtesy of Gloria Medley MacDonald