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Hotels in William Creek, South Australia

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William Creek Hotel

Refreshing beer * Hotel accommodation - 3 rooms. * Atco accommodation 5 rooms, share facilities * Campground * Cabins * Breakfast and meals throughout the day including great burgers. * Outback adventures Launching point to discover Lake...

[street view]

William Creek
"Middle of Nowhere"
Oodnadatta Track
Outback South Australia 5710

08 8670.7880

Information on William Creek, 5710

William Creek Hotel

Photo 5/7/2004
Photo and information submitted by Bob McKenzie, Many Thanks

With a population of 16, William Creek is SA's smallest town and is the closest settlement to Lake Eyre North (the main one). - Bob McKenzie

Located halfway up the famous Oodnadatta track.

Airstip nearby. The Pub website says the permanent population is 3 people and a dog!!

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