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Hotels in Cockburn, South Australia

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Coburn Hotel

Coburn Hotel The Hotel was established in 1889 and was known as the Cockburn Hotel until 1980. The Hotel is 100m from NSW. Hotel is locally called Coburn Hotel which is how the town name is pronounced. Some signs around the town are also...

[street view]

Elder Terrace,
South Australia 5440

08 8091 1634

Former Border Gate Hotel

Former Border Gate Hotel

Former Border Gate Hotel There has been an Hotel here since at least the 1870's. The Hotel closed c1986 and is now the Border Gate Truck stop. (The right part of the building is in South Australia.) Ed. Locals said the border divided the...

Barrier Highway,
South Australia 5440

Information on Cockburn,

Located on the border of South Australia and New South Wales.

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