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Hotels in Cameron Corner, Queensland

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Cameron Corner Store

Located 400 metres into Queensland on the South Australian Border. yet still very busy serving the travellers from three states that it adjoins. Built by Sandy Nallin 1989. Today Cheryl and Fenn Miller look after travellers. Say Gday to Cheryl...

[street view]

Cameron Corner
NSW postcode. 2880

08 8091 3872

Information on Cameron Corner, 2880

Border of Three states

Photo 5/10/2004
Photo submitted by Bob McKenzie, Many Thanks

Called the most remote location in outback New South Wales it is the actual junction of the three borders of NSW, Queensland and South Australia.

As the Cameron Corner General Store is just in Queensland by a few hundred metres we will let Queensland claim the corner for the purpose of keeping our software happy and allocating a State to the address!

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