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Matter of Fact : coin/box game

23 February 2015

23/02/2015 Hi,I came across this question on your site when googling a game at Woodstock Hotel: Anyway I found a pic of the game in the odd chance that you may still have Tara's contact details. See attached.
Mitch Wyatt

Have contacted the people I know who have taken pics of the Royal but they probably didn't take a pic of the coin/box game. I know the one. Simple yet strangely compelling. Hopefully someone reading this will grab a pic on the way past next. Cheers

Hi Guys, i've just stumbled onto your website and i have to say, well done lads.

I was wondering if you could help me get a photo of a game thats on the wall of the royal hotel in woodstock NSW.
I was driving through Woodstock a couple years ago and decided to spend the afternoon at the royal hotel which turned out to be one of the best afternoons i've ever had the beer was cold, there was no waiting for service, friendly locals and there was a unique old game on the wall.

Its a box with a glass front and you put a twenty cent coin in the slot, it rolls down these angled ramps with gaps in them and the aim is to tap the coin hard enough to get past the gaps to the other side without losing your coin. it was one of those simple but entertaing games that you can play over and over. i've recently tried to find something similar but i've had no luck. i've searched the web and found nothing had a good look at all number of antique stores and come up empty every time.

So i've come to the conclusion that i'll just have to make one myself to put in my bar. you guys seem to be in touch with most of the out of the way pubs, when i typed in the royal hotel woodstock, yours was the only website that popped up.
I live in Perth now and as much as i'd love another lazy afternoon at woodstocks finest i really think its a bit far to go. if you could perhaps ask your contacts there if they could take a couple photos of the game and email them to me I would be over the moon. ............
I know this probably isn't a typical sort of request but I'd be really stoked if you could help me out.
thanks and keep up the good work with your website,

photo courtesy Mitch Wyatt

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