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Long and short of it

Tallest, shortest, highest, lowest, widest, narrowest, biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest, hardest, softest, oldest, youngest, easternmost, northernmost etc

If you can think of an "est" or a "most"and put a Pub with it then this is the Page.

Help us solve a few bar debates.
Thanks for your contribution.

If you are sending us information or questions on Pubs ,history or photos of Pubs etc, could you please confirm in your email, permission to publish on the GdayPubs website. Addresses and Full Surnames will be withheld. Or your preference to withhold. Cheers, Thanks

Tallest and widest bar in New South Wales

Black Stump Hotel, Merriwagga

Claims the tallest and widest bar in NSW. Hard to argue. The Barmaid is 6'5" (ish)

Photo 9/08/2000.
Photo and comments submitted by: Jon Graham. Many Thanks

(2007) Purchased the tallest Bar Stools in NSW.

Highest bar in the Northern Territory

Larrimah Hotel

At 181.04 metres above sea level would have to be the one.

Photo submitted by Dominik Giezma. Many Thanks

Previously the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere

The Captains Flat Hotel

once boasted the longest bar in the Southern Hemisphere. Was overtaken by a Club, Mildura Workers probably.

The wall you can see now splits the bar which is horseshoe shaped at the other end.

We don't know the longest Pub bar currently but will try and find out

Highest Hotel in Queensland

Hotel Tully Falls, Ravenshoe

Queenslands Highest Hotel 3000ft

Photo: NOV 2000
Photos submitted by: Robert Aspinall, Many Thanks

Hardest bar in NSW

Royal Hotel, Mount Hope

Claims to have the only concrete Bar in NSW.

Photo submitted by: Jon G. Many Thanks

Oldest Australian Publican

Billinudgel Hotel
Mar Ring (Margaret Alice Ring)

The painting of Mar Ring which hangs over the bar

Mar Ring (Margaret Alice Ring)
Mar took up the licence in 1929, arriving from Barcaldine where she had been a partner in a Hotel. Mar continued as licensee until her death in 1983 aged 101.

She gained national acclaim as the oldest Hotel licensee in Australia and possibly the world. More

Easternmost Pub

Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
The Top Pub

Easternmost Pub in Australia.

Southernmost Pub

Southport Hotel.

When it was destrpyed by fire mid 1990's the title of southernmost Pub was back in debate between a couple of other southern Hotels but once rebuilt that title had been reclaimed.

Southport Hotel

Northernmost Pub in Australia

Torress Hotel

Thursday Island, Queensland.

Northernmost Pub in Australia

Westernmost Pub in Australia

Shark Bay Hotel Motel

Westernmost Pub in Australia

Knight Terrace, Denham
Western Australia

Accommodation and Great Views.
Photo Dan Harris. Many Thanks
Pub Website

Narrowest Pub Southern Hemisphere (Now Closed)

British Arms Hotel, Kalgoorlie, WA

Former Narrowest Pub in the Southern Hemisphere. Located Museum of the Goldfields, it is 3.2 metres wide and it now houses Dr Rout's dental surgery.

Was as busy Pub next to a city train station. Closed when licenses were culled in the area.

Narrowest Pub in Sydney

Lord Wolseley Hotel

Narrowest Pub in Sydney

Bulwarra Road,
Corner of Quarry Street.

Photo Jon Graham, Many Thanks

Longest Verandah inNSW

Great Western Hotel, Cobar

Photo. 23/09/2007.
The Hotel was established in 1898 and claims to have the longest Pub Verandah in NSW – 100m. Probably just beating the Trundle Hotel which claimed the longest wooden verandah in Australia.

Photo: Jon Graham, Many Thanks.

Longest ownership by same Family in Australia (and NSW)

St George Tavern, Jugiong

At 2007 owned by the Sheahan Family since c1845

Phillip Sheahan, built the first Sir George Tavern on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in 1845 but it was washed away in the floods of 1852.

Undeterred by this setback John Sheahan decided to build something that would last forever. He brought stonemasons from Ireland and built the current Sir George Tavern which opened for business a few years later. It is a monument to permanence with the walls being over half a metre thick. That permanence extends to the family. Today, the Sheahan family still run the pub, making it the oldest family-run hotel in Australia."

The Club Hotel in Glen Innes has been run by the same family since 1906

Longest ownership by same Family in Queensland

Had been with the Tiernan family from 1912 to May 2007 and we believe that was the longest continuous family ownership in Qld. Now owned by The Pub Group.

Not sure which is now the longest currently operated.

Closest Pub to a State Border

Former Border gate Hotel, Cockburn South Australia


There has been an Hotel here since at least the 1870's. The hotel closed c1986 and is now the Border Gate Truck stop. The right part of the building is in South Australia

The border divided the bar and there was a line drawn across the middle of the Bar to show you which State you were drinking in.

The current Cockburn Hotel is just 100m from the NSW border.

Current open closest Pub is possibly the Dolphin in Tweed Heads

Photo: 26/09/2007.
Photo Jon Graham, Many Thanks

First Pub in Australia to have Coopers on tap.

Austral Hotel
205 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA

Centremost Pub In Australia

Kulgera Pub
Located 21kms north of the SA/NT border Kulgera is said to be the absolute geographical centre of Australia.

Centremost Pub In Australia - 2

Ti Tree Roadhouse
Yes another claimant to the Title of centremost Pub. The Ti Tree has signage claiming it is, whereas the Kulgera has no signage but the town is regarded as the most central geographically. Could just call it a draw and say they are both a bloody long way from anywhere.

Biggest Timber Pub in Australia

Malanda Hotel Motel, Queensland

All timber and huge so no problems here with that claim.

Largest Consumption of Liquid Refreshments per head of population in the world

Nindigully has a population of 6, yet the Pub does a roaring trade thanks to its popularity as an outback destination and events like the 4000 strong new years eve party.

However the drinkers record is calculated by dividing the total refreshments consumption by the population number of 6 and you do get world record worthy numbers. ....Struth those 6 can drink :-)

Longest Bar in Australia Contender

Ryans Hotel Traralgon, Victoria

This is one title that is at best, a best guess. The team has seen a few Pubs and some folks have emailed in (Thank You) saying Ryans Hotel would have to have the longest Bar then here it is until someone says they have seen a longer bar. Thanks to Gaz and Cooky

The Ryans Bar certainly is a ripper. The bar length judged is the public use length and can be broken up by walkways but apart from that does need to be continuous.

Congrats Ryans

Beer Sales _ South Australia

The Sandy Creek Hotel, which has been open over 120 years, is a famous watering hole. The hotel is best known for the prodigious amounts of alcohol served to the US soldiers during World War II, who had a camp in close proximity.

It is believed this Pub still holds the South Australian record for the greatest amount of beer served in a single week. This was set, unsurprisingly at the end of World War II.

Longest Bar in Australia Contender

Middle Park Hotel Middle Park Victoria

9th July 2010.

"I'd like to confirm, that today, we have personally measured the immense bar at Middle Park Hotel at 46.81 meters. The entire bar (L-shaped and rounded at the end's) is in one entire L-shaped room, and provides beer service to patrons along its entire length. Impeccibly laid out, this bar is grand in all proportions. And that's not all! It is accompanied by a series of personal booths, with their own LCD screen for enjoying an afternoon of favourite sports with mates." - Gaz. Is your local bar longer??????

Shortest Bar in Oz

Gaz with Carlie and Sabrina.

Oasis Roadhouse, Lynd Junction, FNQ

1.2 metres wide, just holds two thirsty travellers.
Nicely assisted by the Publican's

The Oasis Roadhouse is located at The Lynd (Lynd Junction) between the two intersections of the Kennedy Development Road and the Gregory Development Rd in Far North Queensland

This welcomed watering hole is open 7 days a week 14 hrs a day!

Smallest Mountain

Mount Wycheproof, Wycheproof Victoria

Not a Pub but needed to be included, it was on the way to the Pub and being the worlds smallest mountain at 46m high, a well deserved placement.

Photo 11/08/2011 Gary Pope, Many Thanks.

Northermost Pub in Australia

<b>Torres Hotel (Top Pub), Thursday Island.

Northernmost Pub in Australia

Photo submitted by Michael Rodriquez aka mick rod, Many Thanks

Longest Bar in Australia; New leader

G'day G'day Pubs

Your website says you're looking to find the longest bar in Australia?

Well my names Davyd Hooper owner of Kambalda Hotel and I'd like to stake claim to having the longest bar in Australia at over 60m2 in length.

From what I can see with the Mildura Workers Clubs been redeveloped and Captains Flat being split in half the records clear.

Would you be interested in setting the story straight? Well you're welcome to visit us and have a drink on me, but don't forget... bring your tape measure.

Cheers Davyd Hooper

Longest Serving Publican

Kath Byer: 74 years

The Notting Hill Hotel, built in 1891, sits on the same property, and had been in the ongoing proud Publican ownership of Kath Byer from 1936 to her passing at 92 years of age in November 2010 . Kath had always been keen to provide a good hearty meal atmosphere.