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Railway Hotel in West Melbourne (Melbourne)

Towns and suburbs close to West Melbourne (Melbourne) | Hotels in West Melbourne (Melbourne)
Towns and suburbs close to West Melbourne (Melbourne) | Hotels in West Melbourne (Melbourne)

Railway Hotel

Railway Hotel

Frequented in earlier days by the railway workers of the area, with different worker groups in different bars, the Railway Hotel, today is a regular stop-off and waiting point for rail travelers. Despite its West Melbourne address, it is situated right opposite the North Melbourne Railway Station.

The hotel is bounded by three street frontages, showing off some really spectacular building architecture: triangular featured corner on one corner, and long square lines on the adjacent corner.

Everybody is catered for, with a pool room, recently renovated dining room, an outside quaint beer garden, and of course the long main bar. Accommodation is well provided for, and the locals say the range of beers and hospitality of the hotel is excellent.

The Railway Hotel may well have the longest Hotel bar in OZ at 87ft 3inches. We are looking for contenders to that record.

Railway Hotel

Railway Hotel

  • Tiger Backpackers accommodation
  • Meals and Kitchen facilities
  • BBQ and Entertainment area
  • tours organised
  • Movie Nights

Photos and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

118 Ireland St,
West Melbourne,
Victoria 3003
(03) 93281773

Railway Hotel

The hotel boasts what it states is the Longest Horseshoe Bar in the Southern Hemisphere.

Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Railway Hotel

...and publican: Colin Steen is passionate about his bar!

Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Railway Hotel
Photo 18/03/2008
Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

(L-R): Gaz, Brendan and Stan with the tape measure used, sitting on the bar!

I'm proud to present you with my independent measurements of The RAILWAY HOTEL, West Melbourne.

Measurements were made around the outside circumference of the overall horseshoe bar, from the wall, around the bar, and back to the wall.
There is a flap entrance, which is closed, and can be sat at, by a customer, The entire bar is totally used for sale and enjoyment of beverages.

The overall length, was measured by myself (Gaz) and the bar manager: Stan Rainsbury, and assisted by one of the local customers: Brendan Lee (from Broadmeadows).
The offical measurement of this bar, recorded at 2:47PM, today Tuesday 18th March 2008: 87 feet, 3 inches.

I'm sure that Colin Steen (Publican) looks forward to any challenger replies!

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