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Former Grand Hotel in Cobden

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Former Grand Hotel

Former Grand Hotel

This former hotel, now operates as the Grand Central Bed'n'Breakfast

"Built on the site of the original Cobden Hotel (a wooden building which was destroyed by fire), the existing structure was re-built in 1930, and today has been extensively renovated. The original hotel was run by the great grandparents of mine host Robert Gayton from 1895 to 1904. They then purchased land across the road and built the imposing Victorian building, the Grand Central Hotel, now known simply as Thompson's Hotel (or to the locals Thommo's). It is still run by the same family today - over 100 years of tradition and service.
Former Grand Hotel

"In the days of the horses and buggy, the old Cobden Hotel (nicknamed the "Saleyard Hotel") provided a haven and watering place for travelers on the wool and wood routes from Melbourne and Geelong to the busy ports of Port Fairy and Portland. It also provided a popular meeting place for the local bullockies working the mills in the Otway forests, and local dairy farmers. Also, those attending the Saleyards just across the road regularly sought refreshment and hospitality." - Information courtesy of current owners website Many Thanks

Former Grand Hotel, Now Grand Central B & B

Photo 28/09/2008
Photo submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

30 Victoria St
Victoria 3266
(03) 5595 1881

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