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Tully Heads Tavern in Tully Heads

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Tully Heads Tavern

Tully Heads Tavern

Rebuilt after burning down in 2003 and known as the Kincora Hotel. Name laterchanged to Tully Heads Tavern

Has to be said that the Publican did an amazing job in opening a brilliant temporary facility, almost overnight, to keep the patrons happy. I know Robert was impressed. I think he even helped build it. Well done everyone.

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Tully Heads Tavern

Kincora Hotel
Photo: 02/07/2004
Photos submitted by: Robert Aspinall, Many Thanks

[street view]
25 Tully Heads Rd
Tully Heads
Queensland 4854
07 40669350

Kincora Hotel
Photo: 07/04/2000

Kincora Hotel
Temporary setup until the new hotel was built
Photo: March 2003

Kincora Hotel
Original Hotel before it burnt down
Photo: 21/04/2000

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