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Pomona Hotel in Pomona

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Pomona Hotel

Pomona Hotel

Centre of Town.

  • Restaurant
  • Counter Meals
  • Beer Garden
  • Eftpos
  • Darts
  • Airconditioned
  • Disable Access
  • Balcony Verandah
  • Takeaways & Bottle Shop nearby

Limited rooms available and booking ahead is essential.
Accommodation (11 Rooms)

  • Twin Rooms
  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • 4 x Singles Rooms X
  • Double & 2 x Single X

Shared Amenities
Off Street Parking

Pomona Hotel

Photo date unknown
Photo submitted by Gary Bell, Many Thanks

1 Station Rd
Queensland 4568
07 54851187

Pomona Hotel
Photo: 25/03/2001
Photo submitted by: Robert Aspinall, Many Thanks

Pomona was named after the Roman god of plenty, so the Pomona Hotel is very aptly named. You will enjoy the 14ft ceilings, fretwork over the doors, the singlelounge and groove walls and in particular, the Balcony and Verandah areas.The Pub Ghost is Darby, named after Darby Schrieder who lived in Pomona all his life. That doesn't mean however that it is Darby! Speaking historically, the Pub was built in 1906 with the second story added in 1913

More Information and photos

Big wrap around Public Bar. Have a cold beer with the locals

Very nice on the verandah. Thats the beer garden in the background

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