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Former Grand Hotel in Hughenden

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Former Grand Hotel

Former Grand Hotel

De-Licenced around 03 when the cost of renovations to meet the new Qld fire standards was prohibitive and sold.

Since then the new owner has encountered heritage listing problems in his bid to develop the site.

"The Queensland Government says the decision to heritage-list a 100-year-old north-west hotel has been based on expert advice.

The owner of the Grand Hotel in Hughenden is appealing the decision in court.

A stop-work order was issued by Environment Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr a year ago to prevent publican Max Wallis from knocking down the historic Grand Hotel and building a new development.

Ms Nelson-Carr says that after being inspected the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Queensland Heritage Council both agreed the old pub satisfied the criteria for conservation.

The building was placed on the Heritage Register on April 27.

Mr Wallis says he will fight the decision because the hotel is falling apart and would cost too much to restore.

The matter is now before the Planning and Environment Court."

Article courtesy ABC North Queensland. Monday, 18 June 2007. 12:00 (AEST)

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Former Grand Hotel
Photo submitted: 27/07/2007
Photo submitted by: Brian McMillan, Many Thanks

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Former Grand Hotel
Photo: 21/04/2001
Photo submitted by: Robert Aspinall, Many Thanks

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