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Eulo Queen Hotel in Eulo

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Eulo Queen Hotel

Eulo Queen Hotel

  • Dining
  • Camping sites
  • Cabins with Ensuites and AirCon
  • A large friendly air conditioned bar and dining room
  • Two near new air conditioned ensuite cabins
  • Six bedroom air conditioned accommodation block
  • Modern amenities block
  • Huge two acre caravan park with well kept lawn and shady trees

Eulo Pub since 1882 built same time as the stores, The pub is named after the original Queen of Eulo, Isobel Gray, who originally had it built but she amassed a fortune trading with local opal miners and owned a butcher shop and other pubs in the small town, the stores and Eulo Queen hotel are only ones to survive.

For more on the Pubs History check out the link below under town information, courtesy Bill Prentice

Eulo Queen Hotel

Photo 2009
Photo submitted by Dirk Egan, Many Thanks

[street view]
Leo St
QLD 4491
07 46554867

Eulo Queen Hotel
Photo: 31/03/2001
Photos submitted by: Robert Aspinall, Many Thanks

Eulo Queen Hotel
Photo: 31/03/2001

Eulo Stores

Built at the same time and in a similiar design as the Hotel.

Photo 2009
Photo submitted by Dirk Egan, Many Thanks

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