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Bushmans Arms in D Aguilar

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Bushmans Arms (The Bushmans)

Bushmans Arms

Main Street D'Aguilar

  • Counter meals
  • Restaurant
  • Beer Garden
  • Eftpos
  • Breakfasts
  • Gaming
  • Bottleshop
  • Pool Tables
  • Darts
  • Juke box
  • ATM on site
  • Group catering
  • Kids Play Area
  • Big Screen TV

The Owners at the Bushmans have built a very luxurious Four Star Motel right next door for travellers. Very Flash indeed.
Single Rooms
Doubles Rooms
Family Rooms

Bushmans Arms
Photo: 27/09/2001
Photo: Gdaypubs

The Bushmans was originally brought down by bullock teams from Gympie and placed at Waraba Creek where Buggies would stop from Caboolture. It was then moved to the current site to be near the Railway line. The railway line has gone but I think the Pub is staying this time. Debate is hot between D'Aquilar and Woodford about which is the True Woodchop Capital.
Top Restaurant and very bright and cheery facilities. Good fun Pub.

2040 D'Aguilar Hway,
07 54964533

Plenty of Stories at the Front Bar
Great Pub with a huge Band area. Lee Kernigan has played here.

Dave Hennessey was the first bloke to have a drink at the Pub when it opened its current site early this century. He slept on the Verandah the night before to make sure that no-one beat him to it. Got to admire that. His sons aged 84 and 85 are still regulars at the Pub.

The local Folk Hero is a bloke who crept under the Pub, augered a hole through the wooden floorboards and a wooden Keg and spent many happy hours laying on his back. I am told it was a rum keg! Struth. Didnt want to go looking for the hole in case he was still there.

If anyone knows what this pub was called when it was in Gympie, please let us know. It will solve a lot of debates. The best guess so far is from Dave, head of the Pub social club, who thinks it may have been the "Georges"

Bands at least once a month. The jokers draw is Friday nights at 7 and the Goose Club is on Sundays at 2 pm. Good luck.

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