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Former Bellevue Hotel in City (Brisbane)

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Former Bellevue Hotel

Former Bellevue Hotel.

Built 1885-86

Demolished at midnight in April 1979, the Bellevue Hotel was much more than an important historical building it was a part of Queenslands Political History.

The Bellevue was bought by National Party in 1967 and knocked down by the Joh Bjelke-Petersen's Nationals Government against protests unseen before in Brisbane against the destruction of a building. Police kept back 700 protestors.

As described on the ABC Television Program "Rewind" Broadcast 17 October 2004 by Terry Gygar, Former liberal MP
"A large crowd had gathered around the building. There was a cordon of police. They had thrown up a barbed...a mesh wire fence around it. And then the Deen Bros arrived, rolling through like an armoured division, straight through the crowd. People were knocked sideways. Police were dragging people out of the way. Parking meters were knocked over. Traffic signs were bent and twisted on the road. It looked like Stalingrad."

There was outrage in Queensland Parliament and with the general public. A liberal MP resigned and debate raged statewide after demolishing the Hotel.

Former Bellevue Hotel

The Bellevue was frequented by graziers, politicians and international celebrities alike. It is said that Politicians would sit at the Bellevue Hotel listening for the bells to ring before going back to Parliament House. The Hotel was home to 27 out-of-town parliamentarians

Information Richard Milne, ABC Rewind 17 October 2004 and various sites. Many Thanks

Former Bellevue Hotel

From a Postcard of the Bellevue Hotel. Submitted By Richard Milne. Many Thanks.

Cnr George and Alice Streets
Brisbane City
Opposite Corner to Parliament House

Photo C 1901 Courtesy John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Photographer unknown.

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