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Former First and Last Hotel in City (Sydney)

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Former First and Last Hotel

Former First and Last Hotel

"It features in a lot of photos of the Quay. It closed c1986. It was an early opener.

I had a few heart starters there in the 60 & 70's. There is a big block of units on the site now.

That is Cahill Expressway on the above left of the pic. Looking from George Street, the Pub is at the far end of the Quay."

Mentioned in the Midnight Oil song JIMMY SHARMANS' BOXER

From Brian McMillan -

"Doing a bit more research on the First and last hotel in Sydney
I have a pic of the original (classified) First and last hotel from the state archives at 2 Phillip St.

It has a sign on the side saying Tweddle's Belmore hotel, and below the window is written 'First and Last hotel'
My great grandfather was the publican there in about 1860. Trying to confirm the actual dates.
It was later demolished and it was a vacant block in 1911.

Sometime after this a new hotel was built and a pic on the wall of the maritime courthouse opposite shows the name on the front as the Cutty Sark hotel.
This is the hotel you have listed as the First and last. I think this is what most Sydneyites used to call the first and last and was shown as such in an exhibition of early pubs shown at the Maritime courthouse recently despite having a pic on the wall showing to the contary." - Thanks Brian. Good to add a couple of former names to this historic Pub.

Former First and Last Hotel

Former First and Last Hotel
Photo: 02/10/1963.
Photo and comments submitted by Jon Graham
Courtesy City of Sydney Archives.

2 Phillip Street,
Circular Quay.

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