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Former Imperial Hotel in Narromine

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Former Imperial Hotel

Former Imperial Hotel

Hotel established in 1883, rebuilt in 1921.
The Imperial caught fire at 3am Monday 26th of February 1996 and the publican and one lodger were lucky to escape from the building and closed in 1997/8.

The pub has gone through many name changes since Mervin Crawley pulled the first beer in the front bar of Crawley's Hotel in 1883. Back then it was a one story wooden building with a tin roof.

Former Imperial Hotel

Former Imperial Hotel
Photo: 22/11/2003
Photos & comments submitted by: Jon G. Many Thanks

[street view]
Burroway Street,
NSW 2821

Formerly the Railway Hotel
"It's believed that this photograph of the Railway Hotel was taken between 1913 and 1919.

Even before Joseph M. Golding got hold of it in 1913, it had gone by the name of the Railway Hotel, then the JM Golding Railway Hotel, with the JM Goulding tobacconist next door. Mr Golding had the brick facade done.

Former Imperial Hotel
Photo: 18/10/2002
Photo: Gdaypubs

The next owner, Fred E. Hoey was ordered by the Licensing Court to pull the building down in 1919, and in its place a two story brick structure was built and renamed the Imperial Hotel.

It remained the Imperial but went through many proprietors before it was gutted by fire on the 26th February 1996."

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