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Maidens Hotel in Menindee

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Maidens Hotel

Maidens Hotel

"Burke and Wills camped at the Hotel in 1860, prior to their ill-fated trip to Coopers Creek and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Neil Murray song 'Menindee' makes mention of the pub and Burke and Wills, with the line 'I'd much rather stay at Menindee with a cold beer sloshing down my throat'." Glenn

The Hotel was established in 1853. Jon

Ed. you used to be able to see the arrow Burke and Wills carved in the door post indicating the direction their journey would pursue. For many years the room the two men stayed in was preserved for visitors.

It is now known as Maidens Motel as it was owned, from 1896 to 1979, by the Maiden family.

It burnt down recently and was rebuilt.

With an opening of 1853 there are claims that it is the second oldest Pub in New South Wales under continuous operation.

Maidens Hotel

Maidens Hotel
Photo submitted 30/07/2007
Photo and Information submitted by Glenn Ryan. Many Thanks

Yartla St
New South Wales 2879
(08) 8091 4208

Photo submitted 26/09/2007.
Photo submitted by Jon Graham. Many Thanks

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