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Former Court House Hotel in Carcoar

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Former Court House Hotel

Former Court House Hotel

Quote from thbook, "Notes for Your Walking Tour of Historic Carcoar" written by Chris Dent. c1999 "Boxhall's Inn", "Court House Hotel". built in 1870.

Nowadays a private residence, the Hotel's founding Licencee was James TANNER, who sold out to George BOXHALL in 1882. The hotel ceased trading in 1892.

This striking single-story brick building has two cement-rendered parapets at each end of the deep verandah, two entrance doors off the verandah, and a front picket fence. A feature is the steeply pitched galvanised-iron roof and the two dormer windows visible externally at the front, while at the rear colonial outbuildings are visible"

Former Court House Hotel

Photo 27/05/2004.
Photo and information submitted by Jon Graham, Many Thanks

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