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Nindigully has a population of 6, yet the Pub does a roaring trade thanks to its popularity as an outback destination and events like the 4,000 strong new years eve party.
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Hotels in Marree, South Australia

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Marree Hotel

Marree Hotel

[street view]
Town centre
South Australia 5733
(08) 8675 8344
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Information on Marree, SA 5733

Marree Railway
Photo 12/08/2005
Photos and some information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Marree is located at the junction of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks.
July: Australian Camel Cup.

"Marree is the main junction point for the Oodnadatta Track up through William Creek to the north-west, and the Birdsville Track via Mungeranie to the north-east. The town is historically significant for its role with the Ghan Railway, linking Oodnadatta back south to Stirling North up until closure in 1981." - Gary Pope

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