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Biggest Timber Pub in Australia is the Malanda Hotel Motel, Queensland
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Oasis Roadhouse

Oasis Roadhouse "Smallest bar in OZ! 1.2 metres wide, just holds two thirsty travellers. Nicely assisted by the Publican's (Pauline Joye Roles)...

[street view]
Kennedy Developmental Rd
Via Mount Garnet
QLD 4872
07 4062 5291
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Information on The Lynd, QLD 4872

Gaz and Company arriving at Lynd Junction
Photo 21/07/2010
Photo and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

In Far North Queensland , Lynd Junction is located on the intersections of the Kennedy Development Road and the Gregory Development Rd.

The local Roadhouse boats Australias smallest bar

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