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The first Community Hotel to operate in the British Empire was the Renmark Hotel in South Australia.
Gaz's Pub trails, visit a Pub or two

Australia's Smallest Bar

27 July 2010

Gaz's pilgramage to have a beer in both potentially Australias longest Bar, Middle Park Hotel Victoria, and Australias shortest Bar at Lynd Junction Far North Queensland has reached its culmination with Gaz arriving at The Oasis Roadhouse and then hogging the whole Bar.

The Oasis Roadhouse Bar is 1.2 metres wide but the hospitality is huge!!

"This welcomed watering hole is open 7 days a week 14 hrs a day!

Sure a different size than the longest bar in Melbourne, but the beer is just as nice and cold!


That is a fair hike from Victoria to Far North Queensland Gaz so must be a seriously good Carlton! Thanks for the pics. - Ed

Pic Right: Gaz, Carlie and Sabrina

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